SAEF Table Tennis Therapy Program

SAEF Table Tennis Therapy Program is an innovative tool designed to benefit early stage Alzheimer's individuals through carefully supervised instructions in "table tennis therapy."

Our work at SAEF is based on a Japanese clinical study, "The Effectiveness of Exercise Intervention on Brain Disease Patients: Utilizing Table Tennis as a Rehabilitation Program" conducted by Dr. Teruaki Mori and Dr. Tomohiko Sato that has demonstrated "table tennis" uniquely activates as many as five separate portions of the brain simultaneously - thus producing an increased awareness and improved state of cognition in the participants. Even Oprah's favorite physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz, dedicated a prime segment of his television show on the benefits of ping-pong, describing it as his favorite 'brain sport.' This segment can be viewed at:
SAEF has the unique distinction of being the only organization in the United States currently utilizing "table tennis" as a beneficial therapy program for patients with early stage Alzheimer's and various forms of dementia. Please visit the Jewish Journal for a detailed article about the SAEF Table Tennis Therapy Program.


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The SAEF's Alzheimer's Table Tennis Therapy Program has been met with great success through amazing results and community support. Alzheimer's Association of America's early stage clinical manager, Nicole Feingold states, "The SAEF Alzheimer's Program is both innovative and exciting. I am thrilled to be able to offer another activity option for my early stage clients." Leeza Gibbon's Foundation's advocate Yael Wytze adds, "SAEF's program gives me hope for new approaches to combating the progression of Alzheimer's Disease. It serves as a wonderful tool and outlet for the individuals with early stage memory loss and their loved ones."

Based on research, personal testimonials and observation there is a body of evidence suggesting that the game of table tennis provides multiple benefits by engaging patients in a form of physical and mental stimulation that is therapeutic and enjoyed immensely by participants.

We are currently seeking support to continue our program. Our ultimate goal is to provide this extraordinary therapeutic experience to many more who have lost so much through this tragic and mysterious disease – and offer them a sense of hope for a future they may still own.