SAEF Alzheimer's Program

A large part of the SAEF is our Alzheimer's Program where our instructors work with Alzheimer's patients to improve their overall well-being through supervised programs in table tennis. We established our program based on a formal 1997 Japanese clinical study - "The Effectiveness of Exercise Intervention on Brain Disease Patients: Utilizing Table Tennis as a Rehabilitation Program," that has shown how table tennis uniquely activates multiple portions of the brain, thus producing increased awareness and functioning within the participants. Table tennis is a safe and pleasant sport that has proven to be effective in improvement of motor function, attentiveness, concentration, as well as endurance according to the study and has been referred to as "the best brain sport." The clear increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness from playing table tennis is significant, if not remarkable, in its unique benefit for brain disease patients.

Thus far, the outstanding results we have observed have been supported by exceptionally positive feedback from our participants, caregivers and the community in general.

We are excited about our mission and very driven to be able to make a difference by providing senior citizens afflicted with these illnesses and their loved ones an opportunity to regain a renewed sense of hope.

With support, we look forward to establishing the SAEF Alzheimer's Program as a premier model for similar table tennis therapy programs throughout the country.

The “Yes, I Can” Programs For Children

Our “Yes, I Can” Programs will provide supervised table tennis activities for developmentally and physically disabled children, and particularly those suffering from mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, and epilepsy. Participants in our “Yes, I Can” Programs will receive uniquely qualified attention in the instruction of table tennis play and other activities.

The Elite Junior Table Tennis Program

Top U.S. coaches will work with children between the ages of 7 to 18 years old to produce future National Table Tennis Team Members. The EJTT will hold three (3) professional Table Tennis Camps each year in Spring, Summer and Winter. Attendance and enrollment will be available to young children in the 7-18 age group from around the country.


Quarterly Junior Tournaments will be held with trophies, gifts, and awards on a national scale. Tournament divisions will be determined by age groups and all tournament play will be monitored and supervised according to all USATT rules and regulations.

SAEF Table Tennis

To maximize the benefits table tennis offers, we have developed specific and highly successful training techniques that allow beginners of all backgrounds to learn to play the sport of table tennis quickly. We also have considerable experience coaching the “developmentally disabled.” Our training program combines the discipline of structured practice sessions with the flexibility of learning both on and off the playing court. Our typical training programs for both individuals and groups will be executed in ten-week intervals and include the following:

1. Fundamental skills training
2. Technique development
3. Multi-ball practice
4. Robot (ball machine) training
5. Video feedback / analysis
6. Match play

SAEF Program Services

Services provided by the SAEF Alzheimer's Program:

SAEF provides individualized one-on-one
training sessions that are overseen and
personally supervised by our compassionate and
professional SAEF Certified Instructors.

We offer the SAEF Table Tennis erapy Program
at our center, various senior care facilities or we
can bring the program to your home.

Ongoing Schedule of Events

Our First Annual SAEF Benefit on Sunday, March 4th
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The SAEF will host and be available for:

  1. Celebrity tournaments
  2. World class competition events with high-level domestic
  3. and international players
  4. Private lessons by world class coaches will be available
  5. to all members of SAEF.
  6. Ballroom dancing competitions
  7. Corporate events / with table tennis availability
    • Birthday parties
    • Table tennis exhibitions and ballroom dancing exhibitions
  8. Fundraising events